Power Se7en

Power Se7en is a group composed of the original seven (7) members namely Dan, Xhun, Arcur, Jay, Kenn, Jean and Suecera who were invited to give a dance presentation by the city mayor of Sibagat for their elections. Dan, as the leader, thought of naming the group as “Power Se7en” for he believes that each of the 7 members has his/her own capabilities of showing different talents and skills.

The group performs different genres of dances depending on what the client requests. They perform in different kinds of events like debuts, mall shows, assemblies and a lot more. Also, the group is composed of some members who are capable of teaching or giving workshops to clients with their own choreography.

Moreover, Power Se7en is a group which is mainly focused on sharing their talents with passion, hope and love. They are usually seen dancing hip hop, jazz, pop, lyrical dances and etc. But they, too, are equipped with skills that are used for dancing in formal events.

The members of the group strongly believe that talent is best shown when God’s presence is known. They always perform and present with faith and always entrusts their success to the Almighty Father.

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10,000 Roses | Cebu City

Cebu City,

One of the most beautiful City in the Philippines has it new tourist destination and its Called 10,000 Roses. It was Located at Cordova, Lapu-Lapu City. It was a tourist destination that you can enjoy the breeze of the Sea during Day Time, White Lights of the Roses during Night time and also you can enjoy their foods and drinks for a meal or snacks. Indeed, if you’re going to Cebu City this is one of the destination that you don’t need to miss. Philippines has its beautiful places and of it is the 10,000 Roses. Come, See and Feel the Beautiful view of this tourist spot destination.


You can travel here from Lapu-Lapu Airport by using Taxi 🙂

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